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What a Glorious Day on the Key West Waters!

May 5th, 2014

I had the privilege of taking two guys around on a private backcountry boat charter where we explored the gorgeous blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the flats around Key West. We started the trip headed out to a patch coral reef just a few miles West. The water was crystal clear for snorkeling and we were the only boat out there. As I getting them ready to snorkel a handful of dolphins swim by to check us out. Always a great way to start the day! They saw a lot of very large Southern Sting Rays, Barracudas, and a vast variety of colorful tropical reef fish. Definitely a great snorkeling experience.


We took a little time to practice jumping, diving, and plummeting into the perfectly clear blue waters surrounding Key West. I had the challenging task of trying to photograph the moving targets.


What fun these guys were! They had been traveling to Key West for sometime and this was their first time on Island to Island Charters. This was a very relaxing boat trip where they enjoyed the peace and quiet away from technology and surrounded by absolute beauty! Upon heading back to Key West we stumbled across another pod of dolphins. They came right up to the boat and the guys had never seen them that closely. You can see the shadow of them swimming underneath the boat.


Before ending our eco cruise, I anchored us one a white sand bar to watch another fabulous Key West Sunset! We watched for stingrays, sea turtles, and various sharks swimming on the flats. It was one of those flat calm times where the water and the horizon blend and everything looks like glass. The colors were magnificent. You can see the ripple of anything moving in the water. Always an amazing time to be out there. So glad I got to enjoy it with the guys, and really looking forward to more exploring the next time they are back in the Keys!


Kara and Wayne’s Sandbar wedding

October 17th, 2013

I had the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful day on the water with two couples, one of which I was the officiant for their sand bar wedding ceremony. I took them to one of my favorite group of mangrove islands east of Key West and we dropped anchor on a remote white sand bar. Talk about a true Key West wedding, the water was ankle deep and the five of us were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful water and ospreys, stingrays, herons, and quite a few hermit crabs. After a short, simple, very romantic wedding we enjoyed the secludedness of the island not to far from Key West. After sometime we moved on to do some fishing and having some laughs. We caught a few mangrove snappers, a bit to small to keep and headed back to Key West. We had the privilege of catching the famous Key West Sunset on the water before reaching the dock. What an amazing way to get married in Key West! Glad to be a part of it, thanks Kara and Wayne.








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