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Chris & Cindy’s Vow Renewal

May 18th, 2015

The day started a little daunting with scattered thunderstorms throughout the outer islands just off Key West. Once we left the dock I knew where I really wanted to take Chris & Cindy to perform their Vow Renewal. That direction looked not so nice at the time. There is an island that during low tide has the most incredible extensive white sandy beach you’ve ever seen.
I knew it would be perfect for their 27 year Vow Renewal. Intimate, remote and absolutely untouched beauty.

I proceeded to head East regardless hoping the weather would pass. As luck would have it, it did and the fabulous day began. Before arriving to the beach we cruised through some of the mangrove island enjoying all the colors of the ocean & the rich birdlife. Chris & Cindy admitted they have never seen anything quite like it.

The island just beyond our cruise through the mangroves hosts the beach where I wanted to do the ceremony. It is surrounded by shallow flats which during low tide expose an amazing array of colors with the green from the mangrove islands as a backdrop, is quite the sight. It remains one of my favorite areas to share with my clients & enjoy on my day off as well. Definitely not a place to drive a boat if you are not familiar with the area. Thats why most boat rentals in Key West strongly urge the customer to hire a Captain. Upon arriving I noticed the beach was empty, it was our personal paradise in the middle of nowhere. What a lucky day!

Cindy & Chris outfitted clothing over their swimsuits on the beach and we began the vow renewal. They shared their own vows with each other as I recited some words as well. It is almost impossible not to get emotional with them upon sharing something so significant & personal. I was truly honored to have been a part of that moment. I think it is really cool that they renewed their vows and recognized each others importance of their 27 years together! And not to mention how many more to follow.

After all the tears, of joy I might add, they returned to their bathing suits and enjoyed the crystal clear water and their own beach.

Next on our non-agenda, was fishing! Just a few minutes away we dropped anchor in a channel to do some bottom fishing. Right off the bat, Cindy was reeling in fish left and right. She didn’t need any instructions from me. Between her & Chris they caught Mangrove Snappers, Mutton Snappers, a Bar Jack, Bluerunners, Porgy, Grunts etc.. They caught a nice variety of fish to say the least. After enough fishing action we decided to carry on and explore more of the area.

As if our day couldn’t get any better, we had the pleasure of the company of a pod of dolphins having the time of their lives. Swimming around the boat, checking us out. Young calfs jumping around. So much fun to watch these guys. I am always grateful for such an experience. And Chris & Cindy were as well, especially on such a special day.

We cruised back to the dock and concluded that they definitely need to celebrate their anniversary next year with me again. I can’t wait. I had so much fun with them!

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